Manurain Sprinkler

The Wright Rain Manurain Sprinkler, designed & manufactured in England, and used throughout the world is an efficient, low-maintenance full circle rotating sprinkler specifically designed for the handling of slurry. It will operate over a wide range of pressures (1-5bar), and will distribute slurry evenly over a wide area.

Manurain sprinkler assembly details

Manurain sprinkler in front of Wright Rain vehicle

A special non-clog rubber nozzle permits the passage of solids larger than the nominal diameter of its orifice, virtually eliminating blockages. If, however, a blockage should occur, the nozzle can be removed or replaced in a matter of seconds.

The whole unit has been designed to give long, trouble-free service under year-round farm conditions, without the need for skilled maintenance. The sprinkler body and swing arm are strongly made of corrosion resistant cast aluminium; the swing arm spring, made from phosphor bronze and fully protected, can be simply adjusted in the field for optimum performance, whilst a sealed brass and nylon bearing prevents wear through the intrusion of abrasives.

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Manurain sprinkler performance data and nozzle images